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crabit.1 April 2018
(new) Sepsis [29]
My friend got a tiny paper cut,began feeling ill with flu like symptoms she went to the pharmacist who gave her advice and a dressing for the cut whic
crabit.1 March 2018
(new) Cbd/hemp oil. [94]
Id like to try this for moderate pain relief also for my mum with chronic pain who is on morphine but she hates taking it,anybody use it or have exper
crabit.1 January 2018
(new) Rabbie Burns [102]
Im having haggis neeps and tatties for tea tonight,so who else is having it or does it make you want to vomit,I hate offal but I know haggis is mainly
crabit.1 November 2017
(new) Things to see and do in York. [71]
I'm heading to York on Saturday for a break of 5 nights,I've booked a brewery tour and the chocolate story but need to find a few other things to see/
crabit.1 August 2017
(new) Tastebuds [31]
Do you ever get swollen tastebuds? Mine's are up in large lumps at the back of my tongue,I also have 3 smaller painful white ones at the tip,I googled

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crabit.1 7 days
You have made a huuuuuuuge impact on gen forum it wont be the same without you sad.gif
crabit.1 7 days
Haw theres only one crabbit cuuuunt in here and its me eyebrow.gif
crabit.1 5 hours 28 minutes
I didnt ever see him or knew him but by the sounds of it he was well thought of R.I.P blossom.gif
crabit.1 20 minutes
Just passing through wave.gif
crabit.1 20 minutes
50 next week,htf did I make it thus far

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birdy September 2015
(new) Thoughts 6.0 [20869]
You know the drill. Post your thoughts here.

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