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cybergho July 2020
(new) is abortion wrong or right? [586]
please just share your thought no more trouble
cybergho July 2017
(new) drop ya flow if ya think ya can rap [29]
Im not lil wayne but ma flowz spit fasterma rap hit u had xo go go go busterima rap prophet im greater dan elijahjezebel saw me n she became an alhaja
cybergho January 2017
cybergho January 2015
(new) What can you do [38]
if u find a txt like this in your partnersphone: we can get back together
cybergho January 2015
(new) CYPHER TIME! [117]
Drop 2-4 bars telling the world why you are Champion. I'll start it off - 'i eat greatness sprinkled on my cereal, every day end

* Replies:
cybergho July 2020
i think the woman has the right to make her own decision so i will leave everything to her though
cybergho January 2016
do we have a dead person here?
cybergho March 2015
@ raulx - 18.03.15 - 11:46pm Its been a while since I last visited prodigits. George Bush was president. S
cybergho January 2015
cybergho January 2015
Biggest joke ever!

* Favourites:
unit April 2015
(new) if you want to be appreciated [103]
which way to take all to be appreciated with all gendar she/he here
cybergho April 2014
(new) i'm inlove [48]
with my mother's best friend's daughter and she also seem to have interests in me but i feel shy to express my feelings for what should i do

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