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d.boon June 2019
(new) Women's World Cup 2019 [11]
I am glad the BBC are showing live matches. The 13-0 USA v Thailand match was crazy. It's about time the women's world cup was put on the map like t
d.boon May 2017
(new) Does Anyone Trust Opinion Polls Considering..... (7)
Considering what has happened in recent polls does anyone think they have got it right for GE17 that the Tories will win? They were wrong on GE15, it
d.boon October 2016
(new) Celebrities Opinions On Political And Social Issue [50]
Very recently a number of rich left wing celebrities have been voicing their opinions on a range of issues from brexit to immigration and economic pol

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d.boon 33 minutes
The Best Of Styx
d.boon 12 days
@ slwnoris - 16.11.19 - 07:57pm Oh dear oh dear oh dear, now for some news, the Conservative party ie Bor
d.boon 12 days
Foreign policy wise under Labour will see The UK abandon our allies in favour of terrorist groups and rogue states as our friends. Hamas and Hezboll
d.boon 12 days
@ wakeup4 - 16.11.19 - 07:07pm Labour promising free stuff I see lol desperate c*nts there finished</di
d.boon November 2019
@ xivanax - 23.10.19 - 09:35pm We all love a bit of blood n gore. Who you fav serial killer? Who you think

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jaipan November 2018
(new) Mao,stalin,hitler [60]
Great guys.,no? But do we miss em nowadays n their great ideas..

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