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dan27notts June 2020
(new) National Hunter [41]
Wakeup4 is probably going to love this so put on your tinfoil hats people but honestly its actually shocked me what ive discovered. Anyway applying
dan27notts May 2020
(new) Nationwide Adverts [17]
Anyone else want to smash the TV up when they come on?
dan27notts February 2020
(new) R.I.P. Caroline Flack [229]
Love island isnt the same without you and now you will never be back to present it.
dan27notts February 2020
(new) Happy Valendtimes Day [89]
How many here sent or recieved a Valendtimes card today then?
dan27notts February 2020
(new) Fillet Steak Thursday 2.0 [597]
Back by popular demand! So this thursday we're starting off with a day out of date Co-op Irresistible Aberdeen Angus Fillet Steak

* Replies:
dan27notts 4 hours 22 minutes
@ piggle - 3.08.20 - 11:00am Ah yes remember that time almost all white people were subjugated en masse by
dan27notts 4 hours 22 minutes
@ deusexmachina - 2.08.20 - 03:15pm Only if you're Alanis Morissette.Nothing in that song is
dan27notts 2 days
@ vampboy - 31.07.20 - 12:26pm Why are you posting that link here? What's the relevance? Do you have a poi
dan27notts 5 hours 29 minutes
@ ogdenz - 31.07.20 - 11:58am Everyone from those areas has recently driven to Barnard Castle? <
dan27notts 5 hours 48 minutes
@ obi_jon - 31.07.20 - 03:43am I called it weeks ago. Das Trumpenfuhrer wants to postpone the election and

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tasti2 February 2019
1clivey1 August 2019
(new) grenfell [189]
Bbc news Effegy of tower burnt on a bonfire at a fireworks party! Ppl saying in background ' they should have paid there rent' etc Its discusting! Sc
1clivey1 November 2018
(new) mass shooting [67]
Reports coming in of another mass shooting in ventura county california
wozzak June 2018
(new) Do you ever go to bed [28]
and think what if the future has happened and i am just a point in the past of the time space continuim?
suedeguy89 June 2018
(new) Can you solve this riddle? [30]
He knows me better than anyone else. He is taking low profile. He is lone wolf. We don't know what he is actually doing now. He is virtually closer th

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