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dodgey 1 day 8 hours
(new) Don't fk with cats [22]
Anyone else seen this?
dodgey 15 days
(new) Anyone else [20]
Watching the Oscars?
dodgey 17 days
(new) BBC [40]
The BBC is now talking about making pensioners pay for their licences. Is it now time to scrap this stupid licence? The BBC is a sh*t group of channel
dodgey 30 days
(new) Stating facts [14]
Copied from another site. This guy certainly puts Greta in her place.
dodgey 2020
(new) England [92]
Bet they walk off the pitch.

* Replies:
dodgey 3 hours 50 minutes
@ kipling - 25.02.20 - 09:55pm Back on topic , some motibility scooter drivers have killed pedestrians
dodgey 3 hours 50 minutes
@ kipling - 24.02.20 - 06:44pm It's not the first time I've seen it and probably won't be the last, people
dodgey 22 hours
No snow here thank god
dodgey 21 hours
@ gt_tdi - 25.02.20 - 01:45am In fairness, the Scottish drag queens are generally a bit grim. This one's s
dodgey 1 day 8 hours
Don't fk with cats is good, shows how a determined internet FB group can do a better job than the police when it comes to investigating a murder, how

* Favourites:
shadow27 17 days
(new) Biography [20]
What would be the title of your biography or autobiography?
dodgey 2020
(new) Friday [78]
Enjoy your Friday people, I know I will. Wink3.gif
1clivey1 2020
(new) trump/usa.. pinned [2478]
Old one slowing up again,so here we go....
thomastitus September 2019
(new) Europe calcium buyers [57]
my organization produces calcium carbonate and kaolin powder, smooth and sharp grade. am just scouting for buyers here.
eyesore January 2020
(new) Greta thurnberg [106]
Let the trial begin.. what does the great pro jury think of this one

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