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dodgey 20 days
(new) Face masks [461]
Would you wear one?
dodgey 22 days
(new) Hi guys and girls [15]
Hope you are all ok and coping through this new way of life, keep your chins up and it will be all ok in the end, now we are all being told to behave
dodgey September 2020
(new) What song do you hate? [38]
I'll start, Hotel California, can't stand it, such a depressing song but it happens to be a classic so I will be haunted by this song every so often.
dodgey September 2020
(new) Amateur dramatics [31]
I've joined my local am dram group so who knows where this could lead,I could be pros very own Sir John Mills or Roger Moore.
dodgey September 2020
(new) Shakira (7)

* Replies:
dodgey 4 days
Whats this sh*t?
dodgey 3 days
What is Liverpool doing wrong? Are they not bothering with masks or social distancing?
dodgey 10 days
Wore a face mask in a supermarket and elbow nudge mates ive known for years instead of shake hands
dodgey September 2020
RIP , very sad
dodgey September 2020
Watching it now, really good, im amazed at how matter of fact he was about it all, good acting in this seeing as the main characters usually play ligh

* Favourites:
shadow27 February 2020
(new) Biography [19]
What would be the title of your biography or autobiography?
dodgey February 2020
(new) Friday [72]
Enjoy your Friday people, I know I will. Wink3.gif
1clivey1 February 2020
(new) trump/usa.. [2464]
Old one slowing up again,so here we go....
thomastitus September 2019
(new) Europe calcium buyers [57]
my organization produces calcium carbonate and kaolin powder, smooth and sharp grade. am just scouting for buyers here.
eyesore January 2020
(new) Greta thurnberg [103]
Let the trial begin.. what does the great pro jury think of this one

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