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eyesore 3 days
(new) Work WhatsApp groups [17]
Anyone had any problems with them ?...
eyesore January 2020
(new) Greta thurnberg [106]
Let the trial begin.. what does the great pro jury think of this one
eyesore January 2020
(new) James Watson [352]
Your opinion of this man?
eyesore November 2019
eyesore November 2019
(new) RIP (10)
Iron like.....yup Tyson is hovis

* Replies:
eyesore 6 minutes
eyesore 6 minutes
Lots of wind lots rain ......shyte
eyesore 3 hours 46 minutes
This is going to be s very long day
eyesore 5 hours 24 minutes
I don't really know what the f.uck I'm doing tbh
eyesore 16 hours
For that price I would expect naked cartwheels around the place

* Favourites:
mrfruity 22 hours
(new) Gone Commando Today (10)
Button Fly and a nice strong Breeze.Refreshing
1clivey1 2 hours 49 minutes
(new) trump/usa cont..... pinned [859]
Old ones slowed today trumps impeachment to go ahead trial starts in jan 2020
slwnoris January 2020
(new) prince harry and her in doors. [76]
Are leaving front line royal duties, there going to spend more time in America. If there cutting back there work for the firm, I hope there gold plate
dodgey January 2019
(new) Christmas time [62]
When do you lot finish up for Christmas? I'm doing call out tonight then from tomorrow morning im finished , going in for a couple of hours Thursday a
ladibud 5 hours 24 minutes
(new) What are you doing now? pinned [2359]
Version 3.... So,shout, let it all out.... Waiting

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