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iilmadme January 2020
(new) a new baby [36]
So my god daughter is pregnant.what is a nice thing to do for her or get her when the baby is born? What do people normally do? Ive never really been
iilmadme January 2020
(new) what are you looking forward to? [28]
Im sure i made this before but couldnt find it
iilmadme January 2020
(new) inappropriate laughter [24]
When it gets you,it's really hard to stop a fit of the giggles.tell me it isnt just me that has disgraced themselves that way..last night during a psy
iilmadme January 2020
(new) on average [17]
Every 14 minutes someone finds love on eharmony...who is this person? What a slag
iilmadme January 2020
(new) the homeless [103]
there's a growing problem here,more n more people sleeping on the streets,in shop doorways etc.people are dying out there.what do u think could be don

* Replies:
iilmadme 34 minutes
A family member came out the other week.i hope the world is a kinder place these days
iilmadme 2 days
Im not very chatty but there are people here that im very fond of
iilmadme 2 days
What date is it this year?
iilmadme 3 days
iilmadme 34 minutes
@ birdy - 17.02.20 - 03:13am You didn't imagine it, it was called Perfect Sense. It had Ewan McGregor in i

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phillwin October 2019
(new) This tune been me for years (2)
The grasshopper dance until today thank you ice cream van man
iilmadme October 2018
(new) did i post anything [19]
While i was drunk last night?
9362 October 2019
(new) Land expropriation in sa? [1410]
Did I read this right? Did the Government pass a motion by the eff last night starting a process to enable this? Horrible idea. Yes, it was wrong in t
ogdenz April 2018
(new) Rip off wig. [146]
A man apparently in dark coloured skin foundation and wearing a Rasta wig has had it ripped off his head by a black lady. Is this fair? In my opinion
wozzak July 2017
(new) Tennis [20]
Should the ladies start wearing shorter skirts?

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