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iminuru August 2017
(new) Why Not [24]
Punish the culprits according to their faith/belief/religion???
iminuru July 2017
(new) what do You say... [16] Wife says 'never go to bed angry' after waking from row to find husband dead on sofa. dontknow.gif
iminuru July 2016
(new) How 2 [59]
I want to leave/get rid of, all the groups I have joined. How, and what should I do?
iminuru November 2015
(new) Photos [35]
Is any 1 else facing the same??? I had 10 pics in my uploaded photos/pics yesterday. 2day 5 are left. the rest are gone. I am experiencing this for th

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iminuru March 2019
iminuru January 2019
@ iilmadme - 22.01.19 - 05:56pm Daughter keeps asking me if i'll take her for a drink her wh
iminuru January 2019
iminuru January 2019
iminuru January 2019
@ ladibud - 5.12.18 - 09:14am ideas for inexpensive unisex gifts please Lamborghini car.gif toy

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phillwin April 2017
(new) what if death was the end [50]
And it just black nothing
moplady November 2015
(new) How do you season your joints of meat? [44]
Cook.gif how do you season your xmas turkey or any roast joint of meat? Do you season your meat a day before you cook it so that the flavers can penetra
moplady November 2015
(new) WOW [31]
What a lovely surprise, I just received some post from Me next door neighbor as stupid postman put my post in there's l, but opened one of me lette
kewl4eva August 2014
(new) Smile Make a Day [73]
Hello ppl.. The world needs more smiles.. So let's do it starting now.. :)
antymeln May 2018
(new) Word association pinned [36021]
Hopefully evry1 knows how it works! I'll start. SNOT

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