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jiggyxx March 2020
(new) Mental Health - Bad Days [17]
How do you cope? Is there someone you talk to? A routine you try? What if the thing bringing you down is a member of your family and you can't leave t
jiggyxx February 2020
(new) Any news? [85]
Any news at all?
jiggyxx February 2020
(new) What's On TV [58]
I'm in need of a new series to watch... what are you watching? I am a huge GOT fan, loved the Walking Dead before it went crap, love Fleabag,
jiggyxx November 2019
(new) Nostalgia [25]
What makes you nostalgic?
jiggyxx October 2019

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jiggyxx March 2020
I was in a really sh*t film but I am now on IMDb because if it
jiggyxx March 2020
Ffs I was excited that Bam was back for a minute
jiggyxx February 2020
Noone anymore. Used to be loads.
jiggyxx February 2020
I lost my dad 32 years ago this year. The grief still sometimes knocks me sideways and I suppose it always will. I read something abou
jiggyxx February 2020
Looking at the stars

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