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kimjongl March 2017
(new) Germany Cinema Shooting [21]
Gunman opens fire injuring at least 25 in a cinema in Germany. On CNN now. Attacker has now been killed.

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kimjongl 2 hours 19 minutes
@ wakeup4 - 21.02.20 - 10:39pm What happened to dore did he wake up?He realized leftists buyi
kimjongl 2 hours 19 minutes
@ cleancut - 21.02.20 - 09:42pm Credible in their investigations and analysis on matters of national secur
kimjongl 2 hours 19 minutes
Well if the CIA said so it must be true.
kimjongl 12 hours 12 minutes
It's because the girls are white, which means they are worthless in the eyes of the woke crowd. Additionally it's muslim savages who perpetrate these
kimjongl 2 hours 19 minutes
Debunking this latest nonsense and Russiagate in general.

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sourface 4 hours 45 minutes
(new) Having your washing stole off the line [62]
I'm just lost for words well and truley er have you ever had anything nicked or randomly gone missing?blink2.gif
slwnoris October 2019
(new) Thomas Cook............ [59]
Have gone bust...........
slwnoris October 2019
(new) HIV? [16]
Is this the death sentence it was back in the 1980,s? Queer eye star Jonathan van Ness has come out to say he been living with HIV. There seems to be
shadow27 September 2019
(new) Pic association [54]
Once in a while I come up with these ideas, it's touch and go whether it will take off or not.
1clivey1 5 days

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