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kimjongl March 2017
(new) Germany Cinema Shooting [21]
Gunman opens fire injuring at least 25 in a cinema in Germany. On CNN now. Attacker has now been killed.

* Replies:
kimjongl 16 minutes
Lol it's Murdoch's fault Corbyn was a half witted buffoon. Look at how Starmer has turned around support already, by at least appearing to be halfway
kimjongl 33 minutes
kimjongl 33 minutes
They need to get it through their thick skulls that the police are saving black lives, mainly from other blacks and potentially from the community arm
kimjongl 16 minutes
When did the global financial crisis happen?
kimjongl 33 minutes
They don't care about black people dying, just who they can blame it on. Otherwise in places like Chicago there would be continuous protests.

* Favourites:
shadow27 30 days
(new) Hong Kong [68]
Military intervention is imminent now as Beijing declares the protestors are 'terrorists'. The world is watching.
mrfruity April 2020
(new) Adoogly Doo [15]
Tis time year for them c0ckchaffers too annoy the fk outta ya.Trying t'get in window when yam tryin t'kip
dodgey 39 minutes
(new) Face masks [174]
Would you wear one?
9362 May 2020
(new) Kim Jong un [52]
So what do people think has happened to the fat bast*rd. Is he dead or just seriously ill?
sisfreak2017 April 2020
(new) Chinese Virus - Have you been out today? [315]
Yes I have, but I strongly object to the virus being branded such, by the c*nt!. I went to two small stores. One was busy and the other

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