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mikeymk 1 hour 26 minutes
(new) Word Association 6.6 pinned [1587]
Other one's useless, so...
mikeymk January 2020
(new) Dame June Whitfield [14]
She's kicked the bucket, aged 93. Come on Noris, keep up. Hi2.gif June, TV legend
mikeymk January 2020
(new) What would you do? [70]
Today's scenario: I'm in a convenience store buying munchies for work. A guy walks up to the meat fridge and starts putting meat products into
mikeymk September 2019
(new) Pleasant surprise! [21]
Had any nice surprises lately? I'm not sure i remember them as much as i'd like. Even the little things. A little thing happened today but it
mikeymk September 2019
(new) Brand names for your kids [51]
Ugh, not another Sarah/Paul/insert-common-name-here, let's call it.. Pepsi Max. Or Apple. You just know Gweneth was behind that one. Mercedes.

* Replies:
mikeymk 4 hours 20 minutes
No, and there are still idiots floundering the whole thing. I told a workmate to man-up when he was moaning about his in-laws coming round to see them
mikeymk 4 hours 20 minutes
@ peta - 10.04.20 - 04:01am Has there been a curfew in place yet? No, but there's no
mikeymk 40 minutes
If he wants to stop feeling like he's got a cobweb on his face, he should try some anti-wrinkle cream.
mikeymk 1 hour 26 minutes
mikeymk 6 hours 22 minutes
Icke knows his audience. People love a bit of sensationalism, but this shit's getting out of hand. Trying to get our young on board, mak

* Favourites:
sharry73 April 2018
(new) Hospital tonighy [39]
Wont bore you all with the details but I ended at ane earlier, Im fine and back home now so its cool. But anyway, Iv been sterilised since I was 26 an
carol1 January 2018
(new) Who likes hugs [75]
Any want hug as it's hugging day so get them icon clippys out n put them here
obi_jon March 2019
(new) Space Watch [4419]
**official astrophysics thread** A large supernova is currently visible in the night sky. The closest to earth that astrophysicists have observed
paibok October 2017
(new) Movie about a man who falls 5000 ft and survives [16]
to be made. Talks are currently on going about who will play the lead role but critics are already predicting that the film will plummet.
ladibud September 2017
(new) Grade 2 pupil.. [56]
Took his father's loaded gun to school, to defend himself from bullies... The bulky situation is getting out of hand at schools, a 13 Ur old bo

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