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mok214 17 days
(new) Italian style Moka Pots [63]
I am still getting acquainted with mine, what size grind of coffee do you recommend?
mok214 24 days
(new) Breaking News [18]
BREAKING NOW Police, SWAT, and FBI are surrounding Nakatomi Plaza at this hour after an LAPD officer was reportedly fired upon. The off
mok214 2020
(new) People missing after New Zealand volcano erupts [11]
A volcano has erupted in New Zealand with 100 people in the vicinity - leaving some unaccounted for, Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has said. To
mok214 June 2019
(new) Deadly Ebola outbreak spreads in West Africa [476]
Samples from victims of a viral hemorrhagic fever that has killed more than 50 people in Guinea have tested positive for the Ebola virus, government officials said Sunday, marking the first time an outbreak among humans has been detected i
mok214 May 2019
(new) Hours of television in a week? [40]
I average about five to seven hours in a week. How many hours do you think is too much?

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mok214 11 hours 9 minutes
@ cleancut - 19.01.20 - 11:40am mighty cold this morning -3 cold.gif beautiful and sunny now, crisp</div
mok214 4 hours 21 minutes
I tried the Heinz Mayonnaise a few months ago and I wasn't very impressed with it. But at least it was good for french fries.
mok214 11 hours 57 minutes
One thing I can say from personal experience is that it can take months to recover your hearing from an ear infection. The last time it was around thr
mok214 7 hours 23 minutes
About 0.9 percent of any given population. Okay.gif
mok214 8 hours 15 minutes
I should have but I never bothered with it.

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mok214 4 days
(new) Tornado Outbreak [413]
eek multiple tornadoes on the ground right now in Oklahoma . Damage and deaths in the Oklahoma Ci

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