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musho77 February 2019
(new) birthday [16]
happy birthday to me partythought i would make a post as others do it
musho77 June 2018
school shooting near in texas, breaking news not sure how many dead
musho77 March 2018
anyone had any i dont mean headlice or crabs, things like wasps, ants, rats, bed bugs, woodlice. i discovered yesterday i have a major infestation of
musho77 March 2018
(new) BEST WEBSITES [67]
as usb has a worst website post thought i would do a best one, any good sites for passing the time ? was just on a site looks ok. ONLINE
musho77 February 2018
(new) eaRTHQUAKE [65]
think ive just had my first experience of an earthquake hurray

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ogdenz July 2018
(new) Wolf whistle.. [103]
To be made a hate crime. Good? Bad? Unenforceable?
wickedwitch January 2018
(new) Most irritating person on tv [118]
Who gets on your t*t end? That Rylan does my head ingaah.gif
slick_01 January 2018
(new) And so... [21]
How are we today? biggrin.gif
paibok January 2018
(new) Towels [29]
What type of towels have you got? I guess there will be different names for towels in different countries like in the uk a bath towel maybe called bod
ogdenz November 2017
(new) Universal Credit. [272]
The rollout of Universal Credit seems to be a disaster for many people. Set to affect 7 million people this conglomerate of six benefits rolled into o

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