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mz.c March 2019
(new) A great big... [28]
Happy birthday to ladibud have a great day x party.gif hurray.gif
mz.c September 2018
(new) Right.. [40]
I know I've posted before but I can't find the pinned paedophile hunters...on Facebook last night they stung someone from Leicester. Now do
mz.c July 2018
(new) Disappointed. [21]
So I went to nandos today for the first time after my daughter convinced me it was great and I've got to say I was disappointed. What's disap
mz.c May 2018
(new) Thoughts 11.0 [3615]
New post as the other one is sloooow. So what you thinking? Thinking.gif happy.gif
mz.c May 2018
(new) What is.. [58]
Your favourite thing to do? What do you enjoy? For me it's swimming I love it swim.gif

* Replies:
mz.c < 1 minute
Wow those two are erm...yeah eek.gif
mz.c 1 minute
Carl Bradbury. Misheard lyrics.
mz.c 2 hours 25 minutes
Saved me forty quid too haha.gif
mz.c 52 minutes
@ r4dge - 29.03.20 - 09:35pm Cheryl told me to do it and do look at my I'd number it starts 199 I've been
mz.c 2 hours 25 minutes
@ crail - 29.03.20 - 09:31pm That was my last phone. Great phone. Gave it my dad in law, he loves it. Amaz

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