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newt182 11 days
(new) Brexit deal will keep UK in customs union [2434]
The maybot has secured a deal. Half in half out. tea.gif
newt182 November 2019
(new) Tories to repeal fox hunting ban [214]
If they win the next election. Camoron said he would call a free vote on a Government Bill to repeal the Hunting Act passed by the former Labour admin
newt182 November 2019
(new) Do we need billionaires? [177]
If so, why? It seems this is a hot topic in the news today/recently Trickle down economics isn't working well. Billionaires are h0ardin
newt182 June 2019
(new) Alex Jones banned from social media [308]
Good news everyone! He has been banned from Facebook, YouTube and apple podcast. [link]
newt182 May 2019
(new) Getting asked for ID? [70]
So today a girl in her early 20s asked for some lottery tickets and some f*gs. I ID'd her, then got her lottery tickets and asked 'anything else', for

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newt182 9 minutes
Hopefully this will spread to over here and take out the old, weak and vulnerable. We are long overdue a plague. Get rid of the housing crises (thumbs
newt182 1 day 4 hours
When you die you step out of the simulation machine and go back to your normal life. In the real world only a few minutes have passed. You thank the v
newt182 5 days
The UK is becoming more and more like the US. Limited benefits and private health care. The state pension will be scrapped before most retire, as the
newt182 3 days
Same, pork shoulder, roast potatoes, veg and yorkshire puddings
newt182 9 days
@ shreds50 - 11.01.20 - 07:20pm Freaki is back open. It reopened a month ago. is the addy. Not s

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nichick November 2019
(new) Wats ur job? [29]
Am a skool cleaner.its grt to get out and earn a few pound 4 my family
obi_jon September 2019
kakasanabaka April 2019
(new) Work from home (8)
What Is use of it? If u don't have work neither have home!!!!!
3mel October 2017
(new) explosion at Parsons Green station [359]
just hearing on the radio that there's been an explosion on a train. a few people are reported to have suffered facial burns when a bag at the end of
usbcable June 2017
(new) Bad jokes [18]
Teresa may is in hospital after having sex with boris the horse..... She suffered friction burns but is strong and stable

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