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newt182 29 days
(new) Invisible Man [19]
Good film but slightly disappointing because the invisible man doesn't go around do all the cool things people would want to do if they were invisible. What would be the things you would do if you were invisible?
newt182 January 2020
(new) Brexit deal will keep UK in customs union [2434]
The maybot has secured a deal. Half in half out. tea.gif
newt182 November 2019
(new) Tories to repeal fox hunting ban [214]
If they win the next election. Camoron said he would call a free vote on a Government Bill to repeal the Hunting Act passed by the former Labour admin
newt182 November 2019
(new) Do we need billionaires? [177]
If so, why? It seems this is a hot topic in the news today/recently Trickle down economics isn't working well. Billionaires are h0ardin
newt182 June 2019
(new) Alex Jones banned from social media [308]
Good news everyone! He has been banned from Facebook, YouTube and apple podcast. [link]

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newt182 22 minutes
@ wakeup4 - 6.04.20 - 08:43pm Told you they are doing a number on borisYou stated the fking o
newt182 22 minutes
If he goes on a ventilator RIP dead2.gif
newt182 2 minutes
@ wakeup4 - 5.04.20 - 10:02pm They could bump boris off to scupper brexit calling it nowWell
newt182 22 minutes
I would guess he isn't able to fight off the infection well and they are worried he might get or has pneumonia
newt182 2 minutes
@ wakeup4 - 1.04.20 - 05:53pm The wet market bo11ocks is the biggest red herring going. Its not me sayin

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nichick November 2019
(new) Wats ur job? [29]
Am a skool cleaner.its grt to get out and earn a few pound 4 my family
obi_jon September 2019
kakasanabaka April 2019
(new) Work from home (8)
What Is use of it? If u don't have work neither have home!!!!!
3mel October 2017
(new) explosion at Parsons Green station [359]
just hearing on the radio that there's been an explosion on a train. a few people are reported to have suffered facial burns when a bag at the end of
usbcable June 2017
(new) Bad jokes [18]
Teresa may is in hospital after having sex with boris the horse..... She suffered friction burns but is strong and stable

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