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nikkei April 2018
(new) lay down n take it. [144]
How much of a pushover are you in real life or pro? Do you lay down n take it? Let people fob you off? Or do you not let it rest til you get your own
nikkei April 2016
(new) Break up advice [186]
So i dont want to go home. Both of my boys are having girl problems. How shall i help them through this tough period?
nikkei February 2016
(new) Brain Farts [55]
Do you have them? I seem to be having a lot lately. Complete brain farts or blonde moments.
nikkei February 2016
(new) Smell my nuts [41]
... found a candle on amazon. Its called smell my nuts. Its nut and banana scented, and actually cracked me up so i might get it. If you could name a
nikkei July 2013
(new) Intimate details [53]
Sooo last night, I got kinda drunk with the cabby and we decided to go get a Tarot card reading. He called it voodoo but sat with his hand over his mo

* Replies:
nikkei 7 hours 4 minutes
I think I'm ready for a dog again.
nikkei 7 hours 4 minutes
Being able to buy kids sizes is actually... the best.
nikkei 26 minutes
New vans to replace the vans I had that died. Because I need to have one flat shoe so I dont feel like a high maintenance biatch.
nikkei 7 hours 4 minutes
5 public toilets have been vandalised here... I'm not pointing any fingers but... you know.
nikkei 7 hours 4 minutes
I see the boy part of your name is true.

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wozzak August 2018
(new) Who would make a comedy [50]
double act on here? surely there must be pros version of the two ronnies or abbot and costello.
usb3.1 August 2018
(new) This is mad!!! [34]
A man who stole an empty passenger plane from Seattle airport and then crashed it was an airline worker with full credentials, authorities say. [br
wozzak August 2018
(new) Sainsburys [42]
Are to trial till free stores. Will it work?
sourface October 2018
1clivey1 September 2017

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