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notsabad October 2019
(new) Much obliged.... [21]
Do you have a regular sign off (either formal or jovial) when you send correspondence to someone? OR....... Do you remember receiving o
notsabad October 2018
(new) Public Transport Users.... [15]
When you leave your house try sprinting as fast as you can for the first 25 meters and then resume walking at your normal speed.... This will save yo
notsabad September 2018
(new) Wind Farms.... [45]
A local farm owner has sold a couple of his fields to a power company who are now proposing to turn them into a wind farm... This has has been met by
notsabad August 2018
(new) Dear Prodigits.... [29]
I just passed the manager at work and said 'morning' to him, however he said 'morning' to me at exactly the same time only much louder.... I'm now uns
notsabad August 2017
(new) Fitbits...... (8)
Ever used a Fitbit or anything like that?

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notsabad 25 days
Feel like I've said 'Banshee' too many times...
notsabad 25 days
@ 3mel - 15.11.19 - 06:19am your man from Banshee is in The Boys, a superhero show for a post superhero wo
notsabad 9 hours 41 minutes
Do people clean their belts?
notsabad 25 days
@ crail - 15.11.19 - 04:37am Inside no 9 was great. Anthology by the league of gentlemen crew. Everyone sh
notsabad 25 days
@ jiggyxx - 7.11.19 - 04:09pm I'm in need of a new series to watch... what are you watching? I am

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sensible October 2018
(new) Yo! [54]
What we all been upto? Fill me in. tea.gif
nomnom August 2017
(new) a wasted shave [87]
is really annoying sad.gif
notsabad July 2017
(new) This Happened.... [47]
How to communicate with someone who doesn't speak your language... We had a Dutch lorry driver come to collect a load this morning... Our guy
peta August 2017
(new) What are you doing NOW? pinned [9487]
Feel free to share what you're currently doing. Yes, I'm prying into your daily lives. As for me, I'm propped up in bed sipping a warm cup of
birdy September 2015
(new) Thoughts 6.0 [20869]
You know the drill. Post your thoughts here.

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