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pmbguy April 2020
(new) Dancehall selectah [30]
Anyone here by any chance in the dancehall scene, or anyone enjoy a pounding dancehall beat?
pmbguy January 2020
(new) Where do they keep coal? [39]
Just heard on the news that heavy rain caused problems due to the coal getting wet... Where do they keep/store their coal, they're not learning from y
pmbguy September 2019
(new) Old school Zulu [22]
Ok, this is a wierd question, but everyone I have asked has no clue... What is the proper Zulu word for cabbage? N I mean the name before white
pmbguy May 2019
(new) Unleash the Dragon (5)
Ecars, self driving vehicles, smart homes, high speed connectivity, etc... All these are areas that the USA was leading the world with the wealthiest
pmbguy February 2019
(new) Is this tolerated here? [79]
Message I received from Slago. 10 February slago NewMSG Who said I was American, you indian piece of s**t. Did you see me saying tha

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pmbguy May 2020
pmbguy January 2020
@ recurve16 - 14.01.20 - 04:59pm 10 countries that burn the most coal... Burn the most or produce the most, as suggested by the image title...
pmbguy 1 hour 28 minutes
@ 3mel - 9.01.20 - 05:40pm so it's being said that a Russian missile could've been responsible for bringin
pmbguy 1 hour 28 minutes
@ wakeup4 - 7.01.20 - 06:47pm The current political climate gives the deep state the perfect opportunity t
pmbguy January 2020
@ wakeup4 - 26.08.19 - 12:54pm lmao.gif

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peta May 2020
(new) COVID stats [210]
In case yall want to be in the know. We are all experiencing the pandemic and are affected one way or a next. Today it might be NY, to
jlh1182 January 2020
(new) The perfect enemy [90]
Its far from a secret that people are used as cannon fodder for many reasons, all of this drama about terrorists is yet another trap, however, things
eyesore January 2019
(new) Free movement [11]
slago January 2019
(new) where's liam? [46]
You're missed bro!
pmbguy January 2019
(new) alien budz [13]
do you think aliens smoke their own version of marijuana, and you think it's better than ours?

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