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propidol March 2020
(new) So what animal [55]
Do you think would be the worst to get attacked by? I am thinking chimp or bear. Probably chimp.
propidol February 2020
propidol February 2020
(new) Please be (8)
Careful on the roads. Lot's of people are drinking excessively and letting their wives drive.
propidol August 2017
(new) The Lions pinned [200]
The squad is announced on Wednesday for the 10 match tour to New Zealand. Selection is all that anyone interested in rugby talks about so who do you t
propidol August 2017
(new) Knives when a kid [96]
Do kids still get given penknives nowadays? Would you give your child a penknife? I know I was given one by grandfather with the advice of not to cut

* Replies:
propidol 55 minutes
Oh, I just messaged her so that's a bit of a coincidence. Urgh I dont want to put pants on. It's cold out.
propidol 3 days
@ 3mel - 14.03.20 - 06:24pm we can be sure old frail people aren't going to benefit from catching this, i
propidol 55 minutes
How the fu*k has she become a heroin addict?
propidol 55 minutes
@ bozzalad - 13.03.20 - 08:01pm when you miss someone this much only one thing helpsNothing h
propidol 3 days
@ eyesore - 14.03.20 - 04:48pm I would be the same, however I know people who if they get this they would

* Favourites:
bandalot February 2020
(new) BREXIT [204]
I wish britan would hurry up and activate artical 50. So we can get on with rebuilding britan and secure our borders.
popcorn2.0 3 days
(new) Corona virus in China pinned [6934]
Do you think this is the beginning of the end for most people globally?
silverjx November 2017
(new) Eu defence pact.... [16]
Ie eu army.....who would have thought big Nigel was correct and thick Clegg was billying?.....anyway good idea or bad?
1clivey1 November 2017
(new) trump/politics 3.0 [2239]
trump episode 3.....has he built the wall yet?
paibok September 2017
(new) How would you respond [85]
if someone just spat on you?

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