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rainingkrypton January 2020
My neighbours were 'Richards'
rainingkrypton 5 days
If you want to check out and/or participate in the discussion, here's good.gif the YouTube link: The comm
rainingkrypton 12 hours 51 minutes
sorry.gif Never mess with a US Navy Seal
rainingkrypton 12 hours 51 minutes
I was also in Delta Force lol.gif (MW3)
rainingkrypton 12 hours 51 minutes
@ mok214 - 15.01.20 - 07:01pm Two gallons of UHT milk. Don't blame me, it was the US Army that made me add

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pmbguy January 2020
(new) Where do they keep coal? [54]
Just heard on the news that heavy rain caused problems due to the coal getting wet... Where do they keep/store their coal, they're not learning from y
trunking January 2020
(new) Word Association pinned [4919]
Waiting.gif I might as well! Version three point 0. Word: START!
9362 January 2020
(new) Vegan steak bake [54]
Is actually rather nice. Well done Greggs.Would you have one?
tranie 1 day 6 hours
(new) Flat earth ? [605]
In London there is a lot of graffitti popping up saying ''google'' flat earth, and flat earth society. Just wondering IF the earth did indeed turn out
1clivey1 January 2020
(new) 2020 a new decade [26]
Happy new decade!.... So it will be a new decade again 2020! This makes us feel old! What was your fave decade? Mine was 90's But Love The Music From

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