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rajacku November 2018
(new) Who would win in the contest of politeness? [23]
The Japanese, Canadians or the British?
rajacku November 2018
(new) Wonder what the Islamophobes on here would say [90]
to this. OK, let's get started... 1. Queen Elizabeth II is the daughter of the George VI, 2. who is the son of George V, 3. who is the so
rajacku November 2018
(new) If Donald Trump and Justin Trudeau ... [23]
were both drowning and you could only save one of them, who would you save? and why?
rajacku April 2018
(new) If... [29]
Jason Bourne, John Wick, James Bond and Jack went into a bar fight. Who would win? Personally, I think it will be John Wick, because he's the one...
rajacku August 2017
(new) Is marriage worth it? [22]
I fail to see its significance other than to satisfy the society's expectation. I would like the thoughts of your folks on this...

* Replies:
rajacku November 2019
@ corpse81 - 11.11.19 - 03:31pm Grave of the Fireflies This. It really devastated me the firs
rajacku September 2019
God turns it off when he's getting ready to sleep
rajacku September 2019
@ ogdenz - 4.08.19 - 01:18pm Four of the most deadly shootings in US history have occurred since Trump bec
rajacku September 2019
@ phallica - 3.08.19 - 11:59pm It is their constitutional right.Yeah, their constitutional ri
rajacku August 2019

* Favourites:
geordiequeen30 November 2019
ladymop March 2018
(new) Has your life changed [42]
For better or worse? Tea2.gif
9362 February 2018
(new) Jon venables [51]
Murderer of James bulger, released in 2013 as he was supposedly no longer a threat to children. Today he admits to having over a thousand indecent ima
3mel July 2017
(new) pfft... never mind the emails [57]
make the time to watch at least the first half hour of this video if you want to hear far more substantial historic allegations against the loser who
say.what May 2017
(new) Dilemma [146]
If someone made you a big pot of food and when you got home you really didn't like the look of it, but you are seeing the person again on Tuesday and

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