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recurve16 2020
(new) Any ideas ??? [29]
Does anybody know what this is ? Yeah it's a foot stool, but a bit over engineered, does it have another purpose ? Possibly came from Sa
recurve16 2020
(new) RIP Andy Robin [84]
The legendary keeper of Hercules the Bear has died with plans being made to bury him next to the animal he adored. Andy Robin, of Auchterarder
recurve16 August 2019
(new) RIP Henry Fonda (10)
Actor Henry Fonda has died aged 79 from lung cancer. He's best known for starring alongside Dennis Hopper and Jack Nicholson in Easy Rider... [b
recurve16 July 2019
(new) RIP Rutger [13]
Actor Rutger Hauer has died, aged 75. Well known for the starring role as the psycho in Hitcher, and his part in Blade Runner...
recurve16 May 2019
(new) Doris Day Dead [29]
Doris died today aged 97. Just thought I'd beat Noris to it...

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recurve16 43 minutes
@ ufohunter - 26.02.20 - 09:51am I don't think I have any relatives who took part in both World Wars but I
recurve16 3 hours 20 minutes
recurve16 38 minutes
recurve16 38 minutes
recurve16 13 hours
@ 3mel - 25.02.20 - 07:24pm you're going to cum in your pants when you get a blue passport aren't y

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slwnoris February 2019
(new) 3rd world war? [56]
Will there be one, or just the background bounce up that seem to always going on to keep the weapons industry going.
wildfern September 2018
(new) Mongrels [121]
Would u pay alot of money for a mongrel dog?
9362 April 2018
(new) Bill cosby [50]
Found guilty of molesting women. Hope he dies in jail
ladibud March 2018
(new) woke up with a song... [18]
do you ever wake up with a song playing in your head ... even if you haven't thought of it or heard it in eons. ... woke up with Freddie Mercur
birdy January 2018
(new) Thoughts 10.5 [3429]
I don't know why someone just doesn't make one.

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