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sensible 9 days
(new) Depressing weather [1049]
It's siling it down here rainy.gif no point even attempting to do my hair. What's weather like where yous are?
sensible October 2019
(new) Bit of good news.. [32]
So 8 years ago I had my tubes tied but my left one grew back and here I am 5 weeks in with my little boy who I thought was an extremely bad hangover b
sensible October 2019
(new) Halloween [54]
What we all doing? What you dressing up as if you are and where you going?
sensible July 2019
(new) Hello sh*ttys [64]
What's happening in here then, fill us in manicure.gif
sensible November 2018
(new) .... [37]
What did my topic get deleted for? Coz I said hey c*nts. Welp.

* Replies:
sensible October 2019
@ crail - 18.10.19 - 06:31pm He's probably gassing himselfHahahaha! Hopefully with his ars* a
sensible 3 hours 2 minutes
Of all the ways to snap my nail it was putting a bib on the bairn, really! Chinese tomorrow then grumpy.gif
sensible October 2019
Yams are drier than sweet tatties and startchier.
sensible October 2019
@ slwnoris - 18.10.19 - 09:04am Going to sleep till it's over, and blocking my letter box up.
sensible 3 hours 2 minutes
@ mikeymk - 18.10.19 - 02:27pm They're all friends. Just dropping lots of friends.. for just one. Eggs...

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mz.c May 2018
(new) Thoughts 11.0 [3615]
New post as the other one is sloooow. So what you thinking? Thinking.gif happy.gif
wickedwitch August 2017
(new) Thoughts 10.3 [5562]
A new thoughts post as the other is running slow.Please make this the first nice one.So i ask no nasty comments innuendos or sly remarks you know who
crail January 2016
(new) Thoughts 7.1 [14286]
Post your thoughts here. No admin wants to make this post anymore because it's bad luck or something
birdy September 2015
(new) Thoughts 6.0 [20835]
You know the drill. Post your thoughts here.

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