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shadow27 8 hours 38 minutes
(new) Mixup v 4.5 pinned [351]
Labour MP announces all pregnant women will be jailed for Christmas repost.gif
shadow27 19 hours
shadow27 22 hours
(new) Save the Bight [25]
A Norwegian oil company wants to drill in the Great Australian Bight, one of the last pristine environments left in the world. You thought the
shadow27 5 days
(new) Investment (10)
Looking at Uber Eats and Domino's Pizza going up... (People aren't going out) Apple going down (self explanatory) Can you anticipate anything else in
shadow27 7 days
(new) Unlikely Superhero [43]
What would they be called... What exactly do they do?

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shadow27 5 hours 8 minutes
Diprotodon (giant prehistoric wombat) they say it was the origin of the Bunyip myth.
shadow27 5 hours 8 minutes
What about a Moa? It was like a two metre tall ostrich. Any big bird like that, yup.
shadow27 8 hours 38 minutes
Seeing miraculous chlorine washed chicken in China. I need help!
shadow27 5 hours 8 minutes
Idk, but this is all going very 12 Monkeys. All we need is some activists releasing animals from the zoo now.
shadow27 7 hours 56 minutes
Hong Kong terrorists? facepalm.gif Slwnoris, come on...

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mrfruity 2019
(new) I Rekon [20]
Them Aussies av got the rite idea about avin Xmas in summer. Could be sat on beach or in me garden wi me Speados on now.instead of living room with ra
paibok June 2018
(new) Experts on prodigits? [38]
I have always wondered if there is one or two on here that are experts and we don't know i think i know someone who seems like she knows everything ab
1clivey1 July 2018
(new) trump/politics:..... pinned [3687]
in office since 20/1/2017 continued:........
minimum April 2018
(new) one should hv kids [35]
Or not? Is it many do u hv?
say.what April 2018
(new) St George [199]
Happy St George's day Englandeveryone

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