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shazza6 September 2018
(new) cyber bullying [71]
And internet harassment n spreading around false lies n threatening..when does it ever stop n why does these type people think its ok to do this to a

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shazza6 January 2019
yes n i have n his gawjus cat not changing his name either
shazza6 January 2019
jealousy..mean..spiteful n back stabbing n those to far up there own as* n those who love themself n play mind games to hurt others
shazza6 January 2019
birthday good weather for it ;)
shazza6 January 2019
dont mind it sometimes..
shazza6 January 2019
He is a c**t!not u sis..meant that slago..thinks his something..full s**t

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gazalnawaz February 2018
(new) Sandwich plz [62]
Any new kind of sandwich u want 2 share..which taste awesome..
lisasere January 2018
(new) New car [40]
Getting my first car tonight woohoo
usb3.1 January 2018
(new) Fountain pens [258]
Do you use any and what makes and models do you own?

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