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sisfreak2017 12 days
(new) Lockdown's Ended Now...? [259]
19 Miles East of Manchester / UK! I hate some / 'most' of my neighbours. How nice are your neighbours? Yesterday (Tuesday) and today (Wedne
sisfreak2017 November 2020
(new) 124 Days until Christmas 2020. What you buying? [82]
There's only 124 days to go. santa.gif What presents are you buying for each other? I'll start buy buying Crail a Covid-19 vaccine.(brainsl
sisfreak2017 November 2020
(new) Alliakbar Terroist Attack In France Today ! [59]
Alliakbar Attack In France! angry.gif Yes Unfortunately a Member of The All Peaceful Ones Has Committed a terrorist Attack Today in France.rage.gif The lone attacker who killed at least three people in southern France on F
sisfreak2017 October 2020
(new) Ragnorak? (2)
Anyone else ever encountered this 'mummy's boy' weapmaster from 2wap? Is he still alive? Or did C'umslone finally call in on his debt?
sisfreak2017 October 2020
(new) Jump to Chat?? [47]
Maybe when there's a few of online we should go and Own prodigits general 18 chat sh*te. .

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sisfreak2017 42 minutes
dreamy.gif After googling her, I prefer her with some hair.
sisfreak2017 4 minutes
sisfreak2017 42 minutes
@ 3mel - 16.01.21 - 07:35am is that the one with her from twilight ? I dont know? I've never
sisfreak2017 8 hours 13 minutes
@ r3ckless - 16.01.21 - 08:05pm Nice boots, you shouldn't slip on your ars* in those. Is that an antique wooden globe in the backgroud?
sisfreak2017 4 minutes

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1clivey1 1 hour 58 minutes
(new) trump/usa cont..... pinned [9221]
Old ones slowed today trumps impeachment to go ahead trial starts in jan 2020
jayna 22 days
(new) I'm 21 today. [16]
21 today he hi, he hi, he hi ho I'm 21 today. While juice is still an itch in his daddy's pants.
1tel October 2021
(new) BREAKING NEWS!!! [16]
Digits should add a preview besides a forum topic because some topics can be just this.
hezz November 2020
wildfern June 2020
(new) Having a tipple [70]
So what do u lot enjoy having for a drink?

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