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slwnoris 25 minutes
(new) Naked cleaner? [17]
So here in medway a young lady is going to be offering naked cleaning, she has a number of options, naked or topless and in sexy underwear. Story
slwnoris 1 day 1 hour
(new) Germany shooting. [52]
Another nutcase has got his hands on a gun. The nasty git killed himself and his mother. Stop the world I want to get off.
slwnoris 2 days
(new) And the EU? (8)
Will brexit mean run into trouble with delivery from it's own fulfilment warehouses based in the EU into the UK? Market place sellers
slwnoris 2 days
(new) I've got the wind today. (9)
Have you? It's blowing here today, I'll will be going out later today for a blow in the fresh air, do you plan on going out today for a blow?
slwnoris 3 days
(new) Andrew sabisky. [52]
Dominic cu m ummings appointed adviser to number 10. This gentleman has some surprising views, he said things about black people, and if you are

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slwnoris 8 hours 7 minutes
@ sisfreak2017 - 22.02.20 - 07:39pm Do you ever reply to a topic without moaning ? No. Because yo
slwnoris 6 hours 42 minutes
All the icons are missing, but I'm using a crap phone.
slwnoris 18 hours
Biff of hard knocks..........
slwnoris 2 days
Piggle what forms you had to fill in, if you don't mind me asking.
slwnoris 2 days
All the big companies have accountants that find legal yes legal ways to avoid paying tax, and who draw up the legislation and rules....?

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