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slwnoris 51 minutes
slwnoris 6 hours 56 minutes
(new) dog food. [83]
If you buy the brand called the happy hounds, there a recall, it could kill your dog.
slwnoris 7 hours 16 minutes
(new) school reunion? (9)
So today after I had sorted a few things out, I went into KFC and had a nimble, while I was there I bumped into an old school friend, he told me there
slwnoris 8 hours 4 minutes
(new) amazon and Saudi crown prince. (4)
It been reported the crown prince hacked Jeff bezos phone, he did this by sending an encrypted message using WhatsApp. My mp has strong links to S
slwnoris 8 hours 23 minutes
(new) Montague John druitt? (4)
Was jack the ripper, police chief sir melville macnaghten covered up his identity because he came for an upper class family, druitt body was found in

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slwnoris 3 hours 36 minutes
My socks come from pep Co think I paid 3 pounds for a pack of 3, I wear them for a week then bin them. There gray colour. No idea how to post a pictur
slwnoris 1 hour 19 minutes
The elites are to blame, the planet population needs to be thinned out, the human is race is breeding like rabbits. They have a master plan, all t
slwnoris 1 minute
I have something in my loft that priceless....... My hobby is my music collection and, collecting blank audio cassette and hi-fi equipment. My act
slwnoris 7 hours 16 minutes
Old David from school hasn't changed he still the same, he one I like bumping into, Donald another old school friend I like to see. It was sad to
slwnoris 8 hours 23 minutes
Jack the ripper, he used ladies of the night to practice his surgery talents, he wasn't very good they all died. It's abit like the British nhs th

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eyesore November 2019
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(new) Brexit deal will keep UK in customs union [2434]
The maybot has secured a deal. Half in half out. tea.gif
liambrwn June 2018 April 2017
kaispor July 2016
(new) hello (6)
Do you want to know the person who your phone number belonged to?? (1) Take the last 3 digits of your Cellphone number. Eg: 471. (2)

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