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somerson 6 hours 4 minutes
Pop in Pop out.....thats me.
somerson March 2021
Happy belated birthday xbirthday.gif
somerson March 2021
@ shadow27 - 28.02.21 - 09:07am The rise of the mammals may be feel like a familiar tale, but there's a tw
somerson 6 hours 4 minutes
The ads really had increased 129300;
somerson March 2021
@ eyesore - 9.12.20 - 05:27pm Ok apparently what type of coffee you like defines your personality. Expreso

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sourface March 2019
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Other one was slow and was asked to repost....Go.
vampboy April 2018
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What are some laws and theory of science that you consciously apply everyday? And I'm not just talking about the law of gravity. Lol.gif but rather t
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