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spanish.inquisition September 2018
(new) Overheard conversation..... [17]
I went out into my back yard and heard my neighbours over the hedge, talking..... Her - Hurry up Dean.. Him - Yeah hang on a minute..[br
spanish.inquisition January 2016
(new) A handful of nuts.... [39]
Lowers the risk of death by one fifth, apparently... Now I'm not a doctor but I fail to see how holding some nuts could prevent any causes of death...
spanish.inquisition May 2015
(new) Hi Mick.... [39]
A workmate just showed me 2 anonymous texts he received this week... The first one read, ''Hi Mick. Are you d0gging this week? Usual time and place?''
spanish.inquisition February 2014
(new) He is so stupid.... [39]
Whenever I'm feeling a bit down or kinda miserable, I always think back to the time that Singer Brian Harvey from the pop group East 17, ran over his
spanish.inquisition February 2014
(new) The acid test... [17]
As part of my new role in the company in I work for, Ive had to take several short training courses.. One of them was for the handling of chemicals..

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spanish.inquisition February 2014
Always trust your brains first instinct...
spanish.inquisition February 2014
Never trust your gut instinct..
spanish.inquisition February 2014
Makes you wonder why it takes so long to study and train to be a doctor doesn't it....
spanish.inquisition February 2014
Fk all if they're death...
spanish.inquisition February 2014
About what madam?.. Laughter or account shenanigans?

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