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sweetcaroline November 2019
(new) Birthdays [35]
What would I do if a close family member didn't even get u a birthday card .Would u even bother with theirs?
sweetcaroline June 2019
(new) Making a will [30]
Does anybody know how much this cost ?
sweetcaroline June 2019
(new) Discipline of children [101]
I know that you have 2 be very care on what you do and don't do bringing up children but is it just me believing that their is hardly any discipline o
sweetcaroline June 2019
(new) Electoral roll [11]
Can any1 help me please does any1 know how you go about finding an address of somebody I know the 1st name of the person and within reason the surname
sweetcaroline June 2019
(new) Death of a loved 1 [17]
All I'm asking of people is 2 have respect 4 other people as this unfortunately happens 2's not designed 2 upset anybody it's just an awk

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sweetcaroline May 2020
My heart went out 2 Don and his family .Its a terrible thing.I'm diabetic also.Fight it off as we all want 2 c u back on here when u r stronger
sweetcaroline November 2019
Congratulations Sophies my daughters name x
sweetcaroline November 2019
Peter Sutcliffe ,Fred and Rose West ,Ian Bradly ,Myra Tinsley and Jack the ripper
sweetcaroline November 2019
I agree that it isn't worth falling out with any1 over it , it's not my doing its theirs and it goes a lot deeper then a birthday card
sweetcaroline November 2019
Theirs a difference between being a genuine reason 2 being spiteful they did it out of spite and no other reason it suits me fine what comes around g

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sweetcaroline January 2018
(new) TV [31]
Name 4 programs u enjoy watching
richmondi July 2017
(new) My... [39]
Chest has gotten more smaller

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