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tranie 3 days
(new) Bud's Moods [189]
ok guys its a while since we had a bud's moods post. You know the score no names no pack drill. what are some of the funniest moods that your bud's ha
tranie 3 days
(new) Flat earth ? [584]
In London there is a lot of graffitti popping up saying ''google'' flat earth, and flat earth society. Just wondering IF the earth did indeed turn out
tranie 2020
(new) Happy Birthday xivanax [19]
Happy birfdey hen kiss.gif hope you have a good one flowers.gif
tranie 2020
(new) Garlic [58]
I like garlic but fk me just been to a garlic restaurant had garlic beer, garlic snails and garlic lamb finished off with garlic ice cream. Can you ov
tranie October 2019
(new) The Pee Pee Dance [27]
So when was the last time you did the pee pee dance ? you know that silly little dance you do when your bursting for a pee !

* Replies:
tranie 46 minutes
Its a lost cause, no good praying for her soul. She sold that years ago for a nandos and a bottle of wine.
tranie 5 hours 45 minutes
Had a pair of jeans vanish into thin air off a 4th floor balcony in Spain, fk knows where they went, there 1 min and the next gone dunno.gif
tranie 5 hours 45 minutes
That all your nix been nicked ?
tranie 1 day 5 hours
Dam and there was me spelling Europe correctly for all those years, I feel Like such a n0b. Knowing Europe doesn't start with an E and end with an E
tranie 1 day 18 hours
Is it steak and bj Thursday already ?

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1tel 2 days
(new) Prolonged Grief(disorder) [21]
Six years later and am still grieving over a loved one though not on a daily basis as it was during the initial stages.
slwnoris 13 days
(new) fighting age? [39]
Does there come a time when alot of people think, I give up and let age and time do there worse? I gave up at 35.
slwnoris 14 days
(new) shamima begum jihadi bride [47]
Should be brought back to the UK to face trial, what do you think? Yes or no? Now answer that in your own mind, now read on rahman chishti tory mp for
xivanax 10 days
(new) Living with nature [58]
Could you live with nature? Live in the wild? I dont mean for a holiday i mean pack up and go.
popcorn2.0 11 hours 10 minutes
(new) Corona virus in China [580]
Do you think this is the beginning of the end for most people globally?

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