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ufohunter 16 hours
(new) Exercise [14]
Does walking down a decline use up more or less calories than walking on a flat surface? What are the benefits, if any.
ufohunter 9 days
(new) Bitcoin UP [11]
Ever heard of this? Is it for real? Shock.gif I can literally quadruple my money in days. Just hesitant. If this is all BS, what currently is
ufohunter 14 days
(new) Vacation places that left a lasting impression? [28]
Ibiza! Hurry.gif Want to go again. It's absolutely beautiful! Two major areas: Antoni de-portmany on the west of the island, and Ibiza port
ufohunter 15 days
(new) Scams [206]
What smart scams have you fell victim to in your lifetime? Today, lol.gif I almost got scammed into buying life insurance by a telemarketer from
ufohunter 27 days
(new) Roll call (3)
Who's here? Looking_for

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ufohunter 17 hours
@ mikeymk - 5.08.20 - 02:37am My daughter's got me into balconies. You're not rich if you haven't got one.
ufohunter 9 hours
@ vampboy - 5.08.20 - 10:48am Society. There's nothing less valued than a young man in his 20's in
ufohunter 16 hours
@ vampboy - 4.08.20 - 07:41pm No, research shows that when going downhill you only burn 6.6 fewer calories
ufohunter 16 hours
Wow, walking downhill actually improves blood glucose tolerance and can aid in insulin resistace which is much lower in uphill walking. It also wor
ufohunter 17 hours
Oh, they dropped me at my place in a Limo afterwards smile.gif

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ivyjayd 9 hours
(new) WHAT [19]
What could Keep a Lady to 30 or 40 years without a Husband?
9362 6 hours 4 minutes
(new) England is fu*ked [1942]
Lot of angry folks around here. Blm protestors defacing cenotaph the other day. Defacing Churchill and Lincoln statues today. Trying to set fire to th
vampboy 4 days
(new) New Scottish law. [30]
Bishops fear owning a Bible could be hate crime under new Scots law. The Hate Crime and Public Order (Scotland) Bill looks to extend the law on
rose01 3 days
rose01 6 days

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