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xivanax 14 days
(new) Xmas movie [19]
What's your fav non xmas movie
xivanax 18 days
(new) Christmas limbo [19]
No its nothing tae dee wi dancing under a stick. Its the time atween xmas and Hogmanay. Fit are you getting uptare ? Whats ya fav xmas limbo movie?
xivanax 23 days
(new) Happy Birthday Jesus [18]
Congrats on another year wee man
xivanax 23 days
(new) Upload pix [52]
Cant seem to upload pix the day. Am i really that ugly...
xivanax 25 days
(new) Countdown [71]
What countdown have ya on ya phone? Like sleeps to xmas or dats until ya next holiday?

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xivanax 22 minutes
Am a mahoosive scrapbook fan. Always have been. I dont have lippy in my pocket i have pritstick. Am a wee magpie
xivanax 1 day 3 hours
Can i just say its called eccentric...we is a wee bit eccentric up here in Scottyland. And recurve is just jealous he canna fit intae tights
xivanax 19 hours
@ budgiesmuggler - 17.01.20 - 12:27am CorrectForm an orderly queue
xivanax 1 day 2 hours
@ bambi60 - 17.01.20 - 12:45am laugh.gif I too find that cream on the nips has a good outcome good.gif<
xivanax 1 day 8 hours
@ propidol - 16.01.20 - 11:11pm I should fu*king think so. That thing you said/did/wrote/mimed/interpretiv

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