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xxzeroxx 15 days
(new) Who's next? pinned [795]
Here's the topic to guess who will RIP next. Every year the same topics pop up when someone famous dies. Here you can guess who is next and Rip to the
xxzeroxx 2017
(new) Harry Potter [22]
I'm watching them all again. The second one is soooo funny. Specially where Dobby gets a vvanksock for his freedom....
xxzeroxx October 2016
(new) Guess the band or actor pinned [3104]
Same as the guess the user post, but this is gonna have a bigger variety. Now if I can just figure out how to post outside pics.
xxzeroxx September 2016
(new) Cheese [71]
Because this is also a topic now....
xxzeroxx May 2016
(new) So I'm browsing around [67]
And I come across this So I start thinking, didn't these guys build the pyramids, start legends and popular folklore. That and imagine the t*ts on these women. laugh.gif

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rose01 May 2016
(new) White House Security Alert [23]
Security alert at the WhiteHouse. Lockdown at US Presidential residence after shots fired one block away
beery2 May 2016
(new) Happy new phone (6)
Sony Experia z3... Couldn't afford the you front fee for the z5,... Natty bit of kit on 1St looking. A lot of stuff I did on my old HTC desire is quic
bambi99 May 2016
(new) Sexy up a film .... [449]
I don't know if we've done this before or not dunno.gif
usbcable August 2018
(new) Bad jokes [170]
What do you call a man with a tree on his head ? ....... Trying to branch out

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