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zonino 1 hour 22 minutes
(new) Pick a bedroom [16]
So im moving into a 2 bedroom apartment. I can't decide which room I want. What factors would you consider when choosing between both?
zonino January 2020
(new) Childhood shows [64]
So after the release of new Disney thingo, I have rediscovered gummi bears and Spiderman from the 90s Many other shows I used to store, bit what h
zonino June 2019
(new) h0arding [29]
Are you a h0arder? What do you consider a h0arders? I have a full house of stuff. Furniture, kitchen stuff, tools and a bunch of screws and caulk stuf
zonino June 2019
(new) Body mods [39]
What have you got? What are you getting? What do you really want but will never get?
zonino June 2019
(new) Nice stuff [38]
How important is it to you to have nice stuff? Fancy furniture or a big tv. All that jazz. Or are you happy with a comfy old couch?

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zonino 1 minute
Some say were going into stage 4 by the end of the week.
zonino 6 hours 2 minutes
zonino 3 hours 22 minutes
zonino 1 hour 22 minutes
Thanks. Both courtyards are private. There's a communal one by the main entrance also but there's no windows to it. I don't really have anything in
zonino 6 hours 2 minutes

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recurve16 June 2020
(new) RIP Andy Robin [59]
The legendary keeper of Hercules the Bear has died with plans being made to bury him next to the animal he adored. Andy Robin, of Auchterarder
rose01 January 2015
(new) Thoughts 5.0 [59216]
Thoughts ..a topic to pen down whatever's on your mind :))

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