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qmangjmc 14 hours
(new) people that believe in God [28]
do you have proof that God exist?
blackscorpion 1 day 11 hours
(new) Muslim/Islamic chat box. pinned [823]
This topic is for Muslims who enjoy chating with other Muslims. So grab a comfortable chair and join us. happy3.gif
qmangjmc 4 days
(new) i believe in God/Jesus (3)
but do you know why we suffer
ricky112 6 days
(new) Adam and Eve. [49]
Am confused here confused.gif Adam and Eve were the first human right? Now they begot 2 children baby3.gif named Cain and Abel, but to cut the story short
n1ck 8 days
(new) Bible Scriptures pinned [1317]
Grace and peace to all who enter here! Brothers and sisters, let us post scriptures from the Bible here daily to uplift and strengthen our faith, and
9362 12 days
(new) LOVE CLUB 2 pinned [1448]
Throws the doors open a second time,drags warriors obese body inside and throws a shoe at lil's wailing cats
ricky112 13 days
(new) Updating my Bible app (4)
Please, i have a question. My phone just gave me an alert that my Bible app needs to be updated, can the Bible be updated? Does it mean that there is
truth_4u 13 days
(new) It's Been Like Years (8)
Since I was on here, good old debates, arguments, laughs, full of testosterone it was lol and digits couldn't decide what gender he/she was ball.gif
vooltex 20 days
jlh1182 27 days
(new) The Messiah (7)
Many ask if he is son of God.. But it's is written multiple times that he is the son of Man.. who can explain??
wilman 2021
(new) book of maccabees (1)
Anyone know or heard it? And why protestant against it?
dbh 2021
(new) Ashamed of the gospel...?! [49]
why should people be ashamed of the gospel and the testimony of Jesus,and be proud of their evil deeds?if you just happen to be one of them,better say
saher02 2021
(new) be thankful (9)
Appreciate what u hv before it truns into what u had.
miaiad 2021
(new) Antony Flew [11]
For much of his career Flew was known as a strong advocate of atheism, arguing that one should presuppose atheism until empirical evidence of a God su
vampboy 2021
(new) Happy Birthday [26]
To one of my very good friends dgsn. He turned 34 today. happy.gif

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