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n1ck 8 hours 30 minutes
(new) Bible Scriptures pinned [1265]
Grace and peace to all who enter here! Brothers and sisters, let us post scriptures from the Bible here daily to uplift and strengthen our faith, and
teddig 22 hours
(new) its a flat earth [199]
theres no way we are living on a ball zooming through space, when you actually look into this its a total joke we are on a globe. any comments welcome
kristy59 1 day 22 hours
(new) New CHRISTIAN CHAT BOX pinned [3054]
This post is for all Christians who enjoy chatting with friends and family. However, we do not supply soap boxes for people to air their views on the
manszar 3 days
(new) where is heaven [23]
John 17 After Jesus said this, he looked toward heaven and prayed
blackscorpion 4 days
(new) Muslim/Islamic chat box. pinned [717]
This topic is for Muslims who enjoy chating with other Muslims. So grab a comfortable chair and join us. happy3.gif
saher02 11 days
(new) soft heart can undrstnd the pain of othrs (7)
the language of love and kindness evryone can undrstand .
saher02 11 days
(new) do gud hv gud (7)
After death , onething wil be remain in this world , and that is, your Kindness with others...
saher02 13 days
(new) life is short (5)
we hv short time and we r spending our life with rough cheap and negitve things. we should remove our bad habits ego ,lies, negitvty and bad thougths
slick_01 14 days
(new) Satans Distractions (5)
What are the toughest trials and temptations of Satan that you have experienced ?
halo5 19 days
(new) Singularity Consciousness (9)
Do you think it exists? If it does, can we conclude that the Omega Point is God?
9362 21 days
(new) Congragulations iceylips (4)
On your forthcoming wedding. Must be around 40 days to go now. Hope it all goes well. Miaiad says you can have a honeymoon in Australia. He'll sort it
9362 22 days
(new) LOVE CLUB 2 pinned [1410]
Throws the doors open a second time,drags warriors obese body inside and throws a shoe at lil's wailing cats
rubyx8 23 days
nomnom 25 days
(new) Genesis 1:29 [13]
Then God said, ''I give you every seed-bearing plant on the face of the whole earth and every tree that has fruit with seed in it. They will be yours
obi_jon 25 days
(new) Science disproves biblical claim. [206]
If, as the bible says, god commanded the Israelites to wipe out the Canaanites and they duly did so, as the bible also claims, then how could they hav

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