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qmangjmc 14 hours
(new) i believe in God (3)
but do anybody know why some people/things born disfigured ? ? ? ? ?
qmangjmc 3 days
(new) i see signs that GOD exist or existed . . . do you [46]
i know most dont believe GOD ever existed but i see signs and its almost 100 percent clear that GOD exist or existed none believers look a
n1ck 3 days
(new) Bible Scriptures pinned [1335]
Grace and peace to all who enter here! Brothers and sisters, let us post scriptures from the Bible here daily to uplift and strengthen our faith, and
saher02 11 days
(new) Think be4 the Speak [22]
Islam is peace. first know about it then say something.
kristy59 12 days
(new) New CHRISTIAN CHAT BOX pinned [3341]
This post is for all Christians who enjoy chatting with friends and family. However, we do not supply soap boxes for people to air their views on the
miaiad 30 days
(new) 90/10 [12]
We seldom really rely on chance in our everyday life - for the most part, we decide ourselves how our day will be. That's what writer Stephen Covey ca
blackscorpion 30 days
(new) Muslim/Islamic chat box. pinned [1063]
This topic is for Muslims who enjoy chating with other Muslims. So grab a comfortable chair and join us. happy3.gif
qmangjmc June 2021
9362 June 2021
(new) LOVE CLUB 2 pinned [1451]
Throws the doors open a second time,drags warriors obese body inside and throws a shoe at lil's wailing cats
qmangjmc June 2021
(new) signs of HEAVEN [48]
i hope and believe . . . . . but do you have any signs of HEAVEN ? ? ? ? ?
qmangjmc June 2021
(new) GODs calling us [73]
are you ready ? ? ? ? ?
qmangjmc May 2021
(new) i believe in God (2)
you ? ? ? ? ?
trunking May 2021
(new) I believe [38]
sing.gif I believe in The Bible.. Even Noah Even Moses Even Adam + Eve
sofia.sparks May 2021
(new) muslimah on period (7)
cant read quran fasting and salah .. so what to do ?
trunking May 2021
(new) Best advice ever! [18]
Take a deep breath, relax And just appreciate Life!

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