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masood4u May 2019
(new) stop fake arrests in name of terorists [36]
if in India boys released n got clean chit then al over world sum may b innocents ,, giv legal help them if thy r innocents, sum of examples to show
masood4u November 2018
(new) dubai shaikhs [18]
I don't know Dubai Arabs y given land for temple construct in thr land for hindus
masood4u September 2018
(new) stop myanmar violence (7)
if any 1 frm burma or near is ther ban on ramzan month?
masood4u August 2017
(new) stop hindu rastra [16]
if islamic state is wrong then hindu country should also b wrong..running govt implemt ban on beef eat .yoga compulsary in schools n changing names of
masood4u May 2017
(new) is cow be eateable or not? [114]
here i seen sumof briliant inteligent christian frnds summay suport me summay opose ..watever but i had seen here gudplatfrm to keep views tats nt to

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masood4u August 2017
muslims need to giv certification of nationalism patroism y u not ask tat extremists who in name of hindu rastra targeting only muslims
masood4u August 2017
day by day increasing rumours in social networksagainst by day some extremists giv hate speech aginst muslims...
masood4u August 2017
minorities r not only muslims there r budism..christians
masood4u August 2017
now its should b recorded in madarsa to sing vande mataram song ..vande mataram means i bow down my head to india mother who is godes ..wer we beliv i
masood4u August 2017
if the father is kiled son may take weapon in his hand for protecting his family..or sum groups may divert his mind for revenge ..govt should think ab

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