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* Topics:
ogdenz March 2020
(new) Permanent? (7)
Is anything permanent? Any state of being or none being? Any item?
ogdenz September 2018
(new) Buddhism. [183]
Just a topic to ask,answer anything related to Buddhism.
ogdenz June 2017
(new) In all his glory. [17]
If Jesus came back as some believe he will what would shock you about his appearance?
ogdenz June 2017
(new) Hare Krishna Movement. [13]
I have recently read a little about the Hare Krishna Movement.
ogdenz September 2016
(new) Obviously Hypothetical. [20]
Okay,just for the sake of the question..If reincarnation were somehow proven to happen and we all get reborn over and over again do you think this kno

* Replies:
ogdenz 3 days
Make taking magic mushrooms compulsory. A big bowl of them for breakfast for everyone every day. Rock music to replace hymns in church. Nudity for
ogdenz 3 days
Squat Buckingham palace,kick the Royals out and invite the homeless to live there. Jail any politician who tells a lie. Ban most tv shows. Make myself
ogdenz 19 days
@ ufohunter - 17.06.20 - 10:48am Vegetarianism, willing to live a life of poverty in the helping of humani
ogdenz 20 days
It's not a fact. What do you believe survives after death? The soul? The personality?
ogdenz May 2020
What colour is Allah?

* Favourites:
antibacterial November 2018
(new) Gaza,/Iranian attack on Israel [319]
Till now 200 Rockets were fired at Israel from Gaza. That means they declared war on Israel. They will get it soon.
jlh1182 May 2016
(new) labour antisemitism (9)
anybody following this spat? Having seen many a debate about antisemitism im actually suprised to see that conservatives are trying to trash not only
jume September 2015
(new) Evolution!??! [394]
Anybody believe in evolution,and why?
intended May 2014
(new) Palestine ? ? [63]
Where does that name came from ? What is the real name and where is it situated ?

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