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saher02 44 minutes
(new) Gv respect to othr's privecy (4)
Privecy is a big n precious thing .that evrybody can not bear its wight . only a true person can take it.
saher02 5 days
(new) there is no life without religion [16]
Who are not following the rulz and regulations of there religion they are doing bad,,,not for others but for himself.
saher02 10 days
(new) Benfit of co'rona (7)
Now world is understanding that Islam is a true religion. it is nt a terrorist but a peaceful religon. they r wearing mask , listing and learng about
saher02 March 2020
(new) life is short (7)
we hv short time and we r spending our life with rough cheap and negitve things. we should remove our bad habits ego ,lies, negitvty and bad thougths
saher02 March 2020
(new) do gud hv gud (10)
After death , onething wil be remain in this world , and that is, your Kindness with others...

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