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jupiter2 January 2021
It's been so long here in prodigits... There was a time when prodigits meant a lot to me...
jupiter2 September 2020
There was a time when I used to create topics, make friends, help others regularly. Prodigits forum was my second family. And now, nothing left here..
jupiter2 April 2013
(new) 3110c Community pinned [5729]
All 3110 classic users wherever you living in this world are welcome in this room. Lets make frndship with each other and share our problems, tips and
jupiter2 June 2012
(new) ** VIRUS IN S40 ** pinned [209]
VIRUS ! ! !...... Yes, this is the word that I have seen almost everyday in s40 forum being asked by users... And I'm getting a plenty of messages in
jupiter2 August 2011
(new) Google in PRODIGITS (8)
Good to see some changes in pro recently... Google search engine has been included in every page of pro... Not a bad option....

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jupiter2 April 2013
jupiter2 April 2012
No need to flash if you only want2 free up hidden phone memory.... Just use MobiMB media browser in your pc and connect your phone via cable... MobiMB
jupiter2 February 2012
No probs flash, thanks a lot...
jupiter2 June 2012
@profile... And I thought its a typos but as u mentioned more than once, let me point out its ''Trojan Horse'' not ''Projan Horse''...
jupiter2 June 2012
Partially I agree with u... But, a java application cannot be assigned as startup program, at least a 3rd party one.... Anyways, those are the facts I

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