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arafat47 April 2012
(new) TTPod (signed) [476]
Really now its signed version 1.1.0 Download it from my WAP site. Visit or and click on JAVA Applicat
arafat47 January 2012
(new) MP3 Tools v2.5 ENG [16]
MP3 Tools v2.5 has been released. Visit my site to download MP3 Tools English v2.5
arafat47 June 2011
(new) Bangla Lyrics [333]
Yes, I've made 35 lyric (.lrc) files of Bangla song for music player which shows lyric while playing song like TTPod, Mini Lyrics etc. Visit my site h
arafat47 June 2011
(new) **Pro Paint Mobile** [42]
Its one of the great java application for S40 phones. You won't belief if you don't use. It works as both of PaintCAD and Photo Snap Mobile. LOL
arafat47 May 2011
(new) JMP3 Tag v0.8 [14]
Perhaps you all know about this application. Its mainly used to change mp3 tag id (title, artist, album, year etc.). In this ver you can add/change al

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arafat47 February 2013
arafat47 February 2012
Try online pdf reader to read bangla ebook.
arafat47 November 2011
Thank you so much,,,,,,
arafat47 June 2011
I wanna update my lyrics section with a lots of new lyrics. I'll try to add your requested lyrics at that time,.,.,.,.,.,
arafat47 July 2011
Visit my site http://arafat.wapzan com and click on TTPod from more menu. You'll get a lot of skins,.,.,.,.,.,

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