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palmhot June 2017
(new) Offline (5)
Dear expert,my old Nokia phone model 6630 have been using since the year 2009 without any troubles,but recently phone is showing offline,I inserted th
palmhot June 2009
(new) Configuration of rad [71]
Guys pls help me how to configure radio stations in nok 6070.Pls also help me with a working station of India or Bangladesh with its frequency.Thanks
palmhot June 2009
(new) Format of nok6070 [11]
Expert pls hlp with format code of nokia 6070 phone,also i expect hlp of as what will be security code.I restore original factory setting by putting s
palmhot November 2008
(new) Factory re-settings (4)
Guys pls hlp me wd factory re-setting code of nokia 6070 phones.thanks in advance
palmhot October 2008
(new) Canot download (4)
Dear expert of this nokia S40 forum,please suggest me as i have a nokia phone model 6070 and still there is 1.6 mb vacant memory.Inspite of this i ca

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palmhot June 2017
I think its hardware problem and how that problem can be solved,may kindly be informed.
palmhot June 2017
Thanks trying
palmhot June 2009
drunk2 i think cornflake cnt help instead of high quality blended wine as wine helps to memori
palmhot June 2009
Very nice topics are being made that will help the newbie like me.So far i know antena both horizontal or vertical doest play an effective role if the
palmhot June 2009
So the flash is the last weapon i think.

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