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flash June 2020
(new) Symbian phone (3)
Is there still Symbian phones out there?
flash May 2020
(new) Your imagined applic [150]
idea I would like a software developer to make a application to set phone camera to start video
flash May 2020
(new) Whatsapp v2.10.163 [24]
Update to version 2.10.163 good
sidfire7 February 2020
(new) any old school [42]
Symbian freaks around ? BTW sid.gif
alladin September 2019
(new) Jscott [61]
Anyone remember this cool admin ? Where are you metul j! Symbian era!
anjan August 2019
(new) We prodigits USERS pinned [608]
My name is ANJAN,,, ANJAN SARMA (real name)..I am from calcutta.India...I am working in a state govt hospital as store-keeper...i hv two daughters an
ghostwriter August 2019
spunkydj April 2019
(new) how many [16]
of use still use a symbian phone
rick1979 April 2019
(new) re (5)
how do i stop browsers saying error while connecting to sites like skysports facebook and etc etc
spunkydj March 2019
(new) Which is better [23]
Opera mobile or uc browser
john_163 February 2019
(new) Remove Symbian [12]
Can Admin Remove Symbian From Phone Forum?? An insted Replace It With CyanogenMod.. i bet many use use CM now Days
loote February 2019
(new) what is the nokia c5 (4)
what is the nokia c5 like as a first phone for my little lad can anyone tell me as i dont have wifi or any tech in my house
flash January 2019
(new) S60 friends [25]
Anyone remember me FLASH I am now at the android forum using a BLU studio G phone good
spunkydj April 2018
(new) Uc browser vs one browser (3)
The best browsers for symbian now
spunkydj April 2018
(new) browser (3)
what is the best browser for a nokia c6

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