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anjan August 2019
(new) We prodigits USERS pinned [608]
My name is ANJAN,,, ANJAN SARMA (real name)..I am from calcutta.India...I am working in a state govt hospital as store-keeper...i hv two daughters an
anjan July 2012
(new) * SOFTWARE REQUEST * pinned [14881]
post ur request here for application,game,theme etc,, <font color='#CA226B'><blink>write software name n your phone model</blink></font>, here . . . f
anjan August 2011
(new) SHOUT-BOX [4690]
<blink>here you go</blink>'/>
anjan August 2011
(new) Hello s60 (Dec.09) pinned [196]
hellooooooooooo prodigians,, flowers

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anjan April 2016
anjan August 2013
@d3ath - SWEATY grin missing in this list
anjan August 2019
thanks @trol and crail :-) the best advantage of this phone is GPS and Screen (display),, Its locking satelite within few seconds and I am able to se
anjan August 2019
@crail - today received my new phone grin ,,, check here -
anjan August 2019
@trololoo - tomato tomato

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