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crail August 2011
(new) latest QT for n8 [19]
is there anyway i can install the latest QT to my n8 without using a pc? i really cant be arsed to do that. like a sis file to install or something? t
crail January 2011
(new) psx4m symbian 3 [74]
playstation 1 emulator for symbian 3 phones coming soon........
crail January 2011
(new) happy birthday azz [24]
happy birthday to azz4eva! have a great day dude. (watch out for this guy. coming to your tv soon)
crail October 2010
(new) N8 vs DSLR (7)
N8 vs cannon 550D DSLR chin seems n8 did well against the big boys nice pics
crail September 2010
(new) n8 games preview! [12]
Real Golf 2011 Gt Racing Academy Guitar Rock Tour

* Replies:
crail 8 hours 53 minutes
I bet your first post has been deleted. Unless you remember this?
crail 12 days
No, because they're crap
crail February 2020
Jesus lol.gif what a bargain
crail February 2020
Yes I have quite a good memory and understanding of how things went down...
crail February 2020
Erm sisfreak has been here since the beginning of time. And you were more of an s30 saddo, sid

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