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slwnoris July 2017
(new) nokia n73 (9)
can the joy stick be fixed on this? and does anyone know how much it would cost ? thank you kindly
slwnoris August 2011
(new) PDF file help (6)
is there an application i can download to my 6630 that will open this type of file? thank you
slwnoris June 2011
(new) cheap smartphones (9)
theres going to be aload of nokia handset, was report on radio today, nokia are having money problems at the moment due to no one buying there phones,
slwnoris April 2011
(new) 6630 vs 6680 [14]
Is the 6680 a much better phone ive got a 6630 but have seen an 6680 unlocked and debranded in a used phone shop for 50quid
slwnoris March 2011
(new) internet shopping (0)
via a nokia 6630 is it safe to do shopping with this phone and how safe are my credit card details going this route onto a web site? thankyou for read

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slwnoris May 2016
use mini opera go to and sign in and you should have no problem sending email
slwnoris September 2019
all he use to say when a phone wouldnt work... user error
slwnoris October 2012
ive still got my 3650
slwnoris October 2011
if nokia cant fix it then no one will, years ago i had a samsung that the service centre couldnt fix, they contacted samsung head office and they gav
slwnoris August 2011
not got pc il give what you said a try thankyou

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