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aks700 February 2020
(new) All model Samsung Problem, Codes and Solutions! [136]
Post your problems, required secret code, or any query and answer asked questions if you can!
mcsnoop February 2020
(new) samsung cloud (3)
is samsung cloud only exclusive to samsung phones? i cant seem to find it in the play store.
banbury July 2019
(new) Galaxy Note 5 in the UK (7)
I bought a used Note 5 in the UK thats in as new condition. its an N920T which iam lead to believe is the American T-mobile version. its currently on
t2jizzle April 2019
(new) Unlocking Note 9 Sprint (2)
Who can assist with this?
sxcrico April 2019
(new) Stolen phone (3)
Hi people Please can anyone assist me in tracking down my stolen phone. Please I really need help it's a Samsung s7 edge or is there a wa
thywoh01 January 2019
(new) galaxy s4 (3)
Does anyone know how i can make my wifi and bluetooth to start working again
st1nga November 2018
(new) Galaxy S8 (3)
My S8 saying moisture in the charge port. How do I fix this??
pauliedee2017 November 2018
(new) Unlocking The Samsung Galaxy S6 (5)
Does anyone know how to unlock the S6 to any network for free by anychance?
banbury September 2018
(new) The Samsung D600 (4)
ogdenz August 2018
(new) Galaxy S7. [34]
Anyone thinking about getting the S7? Its looking pretty good! If you are why? If not why not?
macadocaleboulai August 2018
(new) Model (3)
whats ur model?
usb3.1 August 2018
(new) Finger print scanners (2)
Ive read on many a forum people asking why has my finger print scanner stopped working? Well the simple answer is.. It hasnt... Its the wea
usb3.1 August 2018
(new) Best apps for Galaxy phones [25]
What are your most useful apps for your device?
usb3.1 July 2018
(new) Samsung smart lock by location (10)
Smart lock by location is a feature on Samsung phones that will keep your phone unlocked in a designated place like your house but locked when you go
belond June 2018
(new) Whats ur model? pinned [345]
Whats ur phone model.

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