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usb3.1 August 2018
(new) Finger print scanners (2)
Ive read on many a forum people asking why has my finger print scanner stopped working? Well the simple answer is.. It hasnt... Its the wea
usb3.1 August 2018
(new) Best apps for Galaxy phones [25]
What are your most useful apps for your device?
usb3.1 July 2018
(new) Samsung smart lock by location (10)
Smart lock by location is a feature on Samsung phones that will keep your phone unlocked in a designated place like your house but locked when you go

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usb3.1 August 2018
Samsung produce military spec versions of their phones and as well as having super tough outer casing they have 4000mah batterys!
usb3.1 August 2018
I managed to get 2 days out of a single charge just browsing on here and a little use of Google maps and weather app. I have all my apps sleeping exce
usb3.1 August 2018
I agree on the back is stupid
usb3.1 August 2018
@ crail - 4.08.18 - 02:26am What apps do you have in mind?The fake phone caller... An app to
usb3.1 August 2018
@ 3mel - 3.08.18 - 09:47pm I'm sure everyone is very impressedI'm gonna get rich selling moi

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