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d.boon 15 days
(new) Will Klopp Be A Flop At The Kop [25]
I reckon Klopp will be a semi hit at Liverpool, my prediction is they will finish 3rd or 4th and maybe win the FA Cup or League Cup
arsed 22 days
(new) Golf Clubs (0)
Does anybody on here play and what clubs do you use? I've just purchased some 2004 Nike Slingshots for 65 off Ebay as they are by far the most forgivi
gibber February 2020
(new) Vanilla ice (3)
Any fans in?
arsed February 2020
(new) GOLF CLUBS (1)
Does anyone on here play it and what club(s) do you use? I went about 10 years without swinging a club but got right back into it last year and am bui
njackets February 2020
(new) Boxing pinned [3544]
R there any hardcore boxing fans on this site? Wud like 2 exchange views
minty79 January 2020
(new) Man united (1)
Wots goin on and who do they need to sign.dont think 1 man fernades will make alot of difference do you???
dronlive January 2020
(new) This is our season (5)
This forum was my 1st social media, Many friends are still here dan7 , Njackets, zenda........confused.gif since 2007 I m waiting for this moment.......
njackets January 2020
(new) Froch Vs Groves [61]
It's on for the end of year, haven't got a date yet? No venue either, really looking forward to this. As I've said preveous I thing Groves does better
dan7h November 2019
(new) everton post pinned [2429]
Official everton post. Talk about whatever you want to do with everton within the site rules
steveooo November 2019
(new) Terry the racist [36]
Why is he still playing. Should be suspended from all duties until he is sent down. Rules for one, and rules for Suarez for_sure
steveooo November 2019
(new) c*ntona (0)
Still a virgin living at his mums
wales61 November 2019
(new) Premier League 2019-2020 (3)
Who are your tips for the top 4 this season? November 2019
(new) Champions League [16]
Is it likely for Liverpool to score 3 times against Barcelona?
congolai October 2019
(new) ***ARSENAL*** pinned [9776]
Okay guys! Let start afresh as the new season is about to kick off, with our new stadium, new players, with a new topic! Get in and let all chat abou
211072st October 2019
(new) Local team [229]
Wots ur local team n who do u support

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