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dlish 12 hours 2 minutes
(new) UFC 253 (0)
What happened to PC?!?!?
xbeltax 1 day 2 hours
(new) Everton (6)
Any suggestions for dust mites they have a issue in there trophy cabinet
dan7h 3 days
(new) Liverpool fc pinned [13329] Another post due to administrative issues. As before discuss the team,
d.boon 3 days
(new) Will Klopp Be A Flop At The Kop [23]
I reckon Klopp will be a semi hit at Liverpool, my prediction is they will finish 3rd or 4th and maybe win the FA Cup or League Cup
oyeboy1 3 days
(new) Who is the best footballer (7)
Lionel Messi or christianah Ronaldo
arsed 9 days
(new) GOLF CLUBS (2)
Does anyone on here play it and what club(s) do you use? I went about 10 years without swinging a club but got right back into it last year and am bui
minty79 9 days
(new) Man united (2)
Wots goin on and who do they need to sign.dont think 1 man fernades will make alot of difference do you???
uzansoft 9 days
(new) Arsenal (4)
Is it true that Arsenal top player Pierrick is leaving Arsenal.
dan7h 10 days
(new) everton post pinned [2089]
Official everton post. Talk about whatever you want to do with everton within the site rules
batty23 10 days
(new) Leeds united pinned [1957]
i've noticed that villa and tottenham have their own threads so i decided to start one for leeds.
miguelbrock 10 days
(new) Jadon Sancho to ManUtd (2)
Jadon is manutd top target this summer. Can they get his signature?
sweetcaroline 10 days
(new) Kids sports (4)
My daughter who's 13 years old has been in a girls football team 4 years and she loves it and now she's starting up boxing.She's going 2 b in a group
arsed June 2020
(new) Greatest of what generation? (1)
This goes for any sport. In your opinion are today's top sportsmen better than the older generation? For me in golf for example blokes like Jack Nickl
tasti2 June 2020
dronlive January 2020
(new) This is our season (5)
This forum was my 1st social media, Many friends are still here dan7 , Njackets, zenda........confused.gif since 2007 I m waiting for this moment.......

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