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ricky1223 1 day 9 hours
(new) Who's your best footballer? (0)
My best footballer is soccer2.gif is Cristiano Ronaldo boss.gif
warded 3 days
(new) Finland VS. Wales (3)
Soccer. Starting now.
fri13th 6 days
(new) Sheffield (1)
What happened to Tanya sufc fan and Kate swfc fan lol
norega 22 days
(new) F1 new season [40]
Wtf have they done to the cars ? They sound like a fked old ford focus lol
sweetcaroline 23 days
(new) Kids sports (9)
My daughter who's 13 years old has been in a girls football team 4 years and she loves it and now she's starting up boxing.She's going 2 b in a group
r3ckless 29 days
(new) UFC/MMA [11]
Okay, new thread for all things ufc/mma related seeing as the old thread has been deleted for whatever reason.
xbeltax October 2020
(new) Njackets (2)
Were had he gone??
dan7h October 2020
(new) Liverpool fc pinned [13331] Another post due to administrative issues. As before discuss the team,
vooltex October 2020
(new) man united vs arsenal (7)
which is the better team?
oyeboy1 October 2020
(new) Who is the best footballer (9)
Lionel Messi or christianah Ronaldo
keltik October 2020
(new) EPL 2020/21 (4)
which team do you think will win the epl title?
miguelbrock October 2020
(new) Jadon Sancho to ManUtd (3)
Jadon is manutd top target this summer. Can they get his signature?
dlish October 2020
(new) UFC 253 (7)
What happened to PC?!?!?
xbeltax October 2020
(new) Everton (7)
Any suggestions for dust mites they have a issue in there trophy cabinet
batty23 October 2020
(new) Leeds united pinned [1958]
i've noticed that villa and tottenham have their own threads so i decided to start one for leeds.

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