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211072st October 2019
i remember keldo laughing at me when i said samaras was the best all round striker in the spl
211072st October 2016
god numpty is rite thats a first its 75million
211072st October 2016
me tried to go to page 745
211072st October 2016
211072st May 2011
he goes on the park after every game why change today

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edinbro October 2016
(new) RANGERS NEWS v2 pinned [9151]
boyd gets asked the scotland question and sticks to his decision. Then gets slated on phone in's last night. confuse
spartan2 June 2012
(new) Euro 2012 transfers [56]
Who do you think has caught the eye of club managers in the tourny so far? Tonight we can see Gebre Selassie again for the Czechs. He has seemed prett
hew.lad February 2012
(new) Rangers employees [134]
So Numpty please tell everyone on here what the fk is so funny about hundreds of people who have families potentially losing their jobs and income if
211072st October 2019
(new) Celtic news pinned [8906]
Any news for celtic fans

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